The place we store our food should be clean and germ-free. The harmful bacteria can be thrived in the places overnight and make your food harmful. You can get a sparkling and shiny fridge by maintaining safety and hygiene with us. Get in touch to get expert support to book your fridge cleaning today.

Do you notice spills and residue in your fridge? Do you smell any unpleasant odours from fridge? If that is the case, you may need our help. A professional fridge cleaning service to sanitise and disinfect the appliance to store your food.

  • Before our team reaches you, remove all the food items you have in your Fridge and store them in other places.
  • When our experts reach you, they will start with Disassembling the shelves, racks, and drawers for deep cleaning.
  • They will wipe the interior parts of the Fridge by using the non-toxic, food-safe cleaning solution.
  • We then sterilise and clean the fridge with high-temperature steam.
  • We will clean the rubber seals on the door and then remove the dirt and build-up and any mold.
  • Once the interior cleaning is done, we will clean the exterior parts.
  • We remove all the dust and hair stuck in the condenser coil.
  • Now we put all the drawers, shelves and racks back in place.
  • Put back your fridges contents, and it is done.