Ovens are something we use almost daily. There is a lot of residue and stains that build up over time, and proper cleaning is required to get rid of it. The splashes and drips of food dry on the oven because of excessive heat and are difficult to remove. Simple scrubbing is not enough to remove it, right? Neglecting these stains can make your oven look bad  and can cause bacterial growth. At Ovenbrite, we provide a professional and effective solution to oven cleaning and making your oven shine like new!


The best thing about our services is these are available at an economical cost. We offer the most efficient solution with less time and efforts. Getting your oven cleaning by the experts is the best thing you can experience. We have developed a fantastic reputation for delivering pristine oven cleaning most cost-effectively.

At OvenBrite, we follow a bespoke process and strategy to clean your oven to turn it into pristine condition. In the initial stage, we dissemble the oven parts and clean them. We then remove all the dirt, stains, and grease from the inside. Once the oven parts are cleaned, we will reassemble them again.

The non-caustic solution we use is a non-corrosive way of cleaning. We use non-caustic substances to remove dirt and stains. These substances are perfect for use in ovens and for removing dirt and odours. Using the non-caustic solution also helps you use your oven right away after it is cleaned.

We cover the Sydney and surrounding areas. Ovenbrite’s expert team members come to you at your convenience, to make your appliances shine!

The cost of hiring us differs depending on the services. We provide a quote per your appliance model type and model number. We can also customize the quote based on your service needs. To get more information about cost, give us a call today.

The time of oven cleaning depends upon a few factors or cleaning tasks. It all depends upon the model of your Oven, how big it is and the type. The average time to clean an oven is a maximum of 2 hours.

Yes, we offers the cleaning and servicing of range hoods and extractor fans.

Yes, we give proper cleaning to both the inside & outside of the oven door and oven door glass.

Yes, we follow strict safety protocols. We only use eco-friendly products and non-toxic fumes to clean appliances which are safe for kids and pets.

No, we complete the cleaning service in a completely mess-free way. Once we are done with the entire process, we clean the areas.

You can use your Oven immediately after we clean it.

The process of cleaning the Oven depends upon multiple factors. Frequency of cleaning the oven depends how frequently you use it. As per the experts, it is requested to clean the Oven professionally quarterly or bi-annually. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can avoid fat and grease buildup; these can harms the lifespan and functioning of your oven.